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Smiling elderly lady at Klass Care

Making a Difference
to Peoples Lives

What we can do for you

As we age some things inevitably become a little more difficult. Family and friends often lead busy lives and aren’t always available when we need them. Klass Care provides Bournemouth & Poole residents with superior and personalised elderly care, to make life a little easier.

Personal Care
elderly man walking stick help hands

Personal Care

A detailed and personalised care plan will be created in partnership with you. The plan will grow and change as you require, being flexible and responsive to your needs whilst promoting your independence.


By making use of current technology, all visits are electronically logged, and we can provide reassurance to your family that you are receiving all the support you need.

We can help with those hard to reach areas whilst having a wash, shower or bath. We can also assist with all elements of incontinence and catheter care.

opening curtains

Attending Appointments

We will help you start the day with a smile. Assisting you to get up in the morning, get dressed and ready for the day ahead. We can also help to get you ready for bed in the evening.

Our specialism is providing premium care for older people that doesn’t patronise but instead facilitates the dignity and contented day-to-day life of important individuals and their families. This all happens from the start of the day to the end.​

Our Care Assistants can accompany you to any medical or other appointments you may have. We will provide means of transport and will stay with you for as long as you require us to.

Administering Medication elderly

Administering Medication

For time sensitive medicines, we can prompt you to take them (or we can administer if you wish). This includes general daily medication and applying creams.

All our care workers only administer medicines when this is clearly documented in the care plan. Our care workers are trained and competent so you can rest assured nothing will be missed. 


Live-in Care

Live-In Care – Remain independent in your own home with a comprehensive service looking after every aspect of your care and assisting with daily activities.

If you require more support to stay comfortable and safe within your own home, then a Live-In Carer can provide peace of mind with 24-hour assistance tailored to match your needs and preferences.


We employ a care worker who will be fully trained with regular updates, DBS checked and we arrange cover for holidays so you don’t need to worry about any aspect of carer management.

Attending Appointments
Administering Medication
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Things often get a little more challenging as time goes by and for many, the mind stays young whilst the body does not. We understand that it can be a big step to seek a little help and we're with you all the way.

We specialise in working with customers and their families who require care in their own homes. We offer a unique service of personalised care visits which means that we will go above and beyond to make sure that the care you require is the care you receive.

Light Domestic Duties
Meal Prep
light domestic duties cleaning

Light Domestic Duties

We all know that a clean and tidy house makes for a happy mind and the perfect place to rest. We will happily assist you around your home with tasks such as:

Vacuuming, dusting, washing up, making the bed or changing bed linen, cleaning the bathroom & kitchen, laundry and ironing etc.

Spanish Breakfast

Meal Preparation

We are always happy to help prepare something to eat and make sure you always have a drink to hand.

We don't profess to have a team of Keith Floyd's however, we'll assist you to cook your favourite dishes and make sure everything is nice and tidy afterwards.

help shopping social home care

Shopping/Social Visits

We're happy to help facilitate your independence by accompanying you to complete your weekly shopping or attending appointments across the Bournemouth and Poole area.

We can help turn potentially daunting tasks into joyful experiences whilst avoiding any unnecessary risks with Covid-19. 

If you'd prefer us to collect your shopping or prescriptions then this is something we can happily discuss to make your life easier.

Happy senior lady at Klass Care

Sleep-in Night Care

We know that care requirements are sometimes 24 hour and not just 9-5 Monday-Friday. That’s why we have an overnight care service, so there’s a care worker on hand to support you – whatever your needs.


Your carer will require their own room and will be on-hand during the night in case of an emergency. This service is tailor made to client’s needs.

Anxieties or sleep deprivation can be improved with a sleep-in night carer there to support you.

Gentleman being pushed in a wheelchair by Klass Care

Palliative Care

With our team of highly skilled and empathetic professionals, Klass Care goes beyond the basics of support. We prioritize the overall well-being of our patients, creating an environment of dignity, comfort, and respect throughout their palliative care journey. Our unwavering commitment to personalised care ensures that each individual receives a tailored care plan, meticulously designed to address their unique needs, preferences, and wishes.
We understand that every person is different, and we celebrate the diversity of our patients, always respecting their beliefs and values.

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Contact Klass Care for all your
Home Care requirements 

We provide companionship 
& a friendly face

Walking the line between care and friendship is companionship, which could be as simple as having a chat over a cuppa in the comfort of your home.


Or perhaps being with someone who can read the crossword out to you and get the brain ticking. Maybe just someone who makes you laugh again, we'll help anyway we can.

At Klass Care, as we have dedicated carers working with our clients, you'll get to know our staff and they'll get to know more about you. You won't have different faces to remember all the time!

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