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Supporting elderly in Poole at Klass Care

Personalised care

Shopping/Social Visits

At Klass Care, we understand the importance of maintaining independence and staying connected with your community. Our Shopping/Social Visits service is designed to support you by accompanying you on shopping trips or attending appointments throughout the Bournemouth and Poole area.

We are delighted to help facilitate your independence by providing assistance with your weekly shopping. Our care assistants can accompany you to the grocery store, helping you navigate the aisles, gather your items, and ensure that you have everything you need. We understand that these tasks can sometimes feel daunting, but our aim is to transform them into joyful experiences. We prioritise your safety and well-being, taking necessary precautions to avoid any unnecessary risks, especially in light of Covid-19.

If you prefer, we can also offer the convenience of collecting your shopping or prescriptions on your behalf. We understand that certain circumstances or mobility challenges may make it difficult for you to personally visit stores or pharmacies. Rest assured, we are here to discuss your preferences and make arrangements that simplify your life and ensure that you have access to the essentials you need.

Beyond shopping assistance, our Social Visits service provides an opportunity for companionship and social engagement. Our caring team members are here to spend quality time with you, engaging in meaningful conversations, participating in activities, or simply offering a friendly presence. We understand the importance of staying connected with others and aim to create a positive and enjoyable experience during our visits.


Let Klass Care help you maintain your independence, navigate the community, and ensure that you have the necessary supplies for a comfortable and fulfilling life. Together, we can transform potentially challenging tasks into opportunities for connection and joy.

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Choose Klass Care for reliable and caring support in your shopping endeavors and social interactions.

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